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Albea Americas

With 15,000 people and 40 sites across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, Albéa makes packaging to support our local and international customers wherever they are in the world. Our vision is to be the best company for our customers, people, partners and the planet. We are Albéa, the global leader in beauty packaging.

ALBEA Argonne
Albea Americas GL2 Oral Care Recycling Tube
Albea Americas GL2 Oral Care Recycling Tube


  • Extruded Plastic Tubes
  • Laminate (ABL) Tubes
  • Plastic Barrier Laminate (PBL)

Markets Served

  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Household & Industrial
  • Oral Care
  • Personal Care Market
  • Pharmaceutical

Features & Benefits

  • Closures
  • Applicators
  • Laminate Film Manufacturing


Albéa Americas, Inc

191 Route 31

North Washington, NJ 07882 USA

Phone: 1-908-835-5315

Primary Contact

Michael Hoard

Director, NPD – NA

Albéa Americas, Inc

Secondary Contact

Kristina Christensen

Doug Jackson