Congratulations to our Tube of the Year 2021 Award Winners!

Congratulations to our Tube of the Year Award Winners for 2021! The results are in, and we are excited to announce winners by category for our annual competition. The event provides a platform for our tube Manufacturer and Associate members to showcase the best and most innovative squeeze tubes in our industry by market category.

Forty-Five (45) entries were submitted by nine (9) member companies in the different market categories for this competition making for a very competitive event!  Entries were evaluated by a panel of judges composed of representatives from major consumer products companies and industry professionals, as noted below.

Every year we acknowledge one (1) tube that stands apart from the rest of the field as recipient of our “Ted Klein Tube of the Year Award” for Best in Show!  A Congratulations goes out to Albea Americas for receiving this year’s honor and well-deserved recognition for their submission, “Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.”  This tube was entered into the Sustainable Tube category and includes Certified Recycled Polymers (CRP), also known as Chemical PCR, in the tube construction.

Winning entries selected for “BEST in CATEGORIES” included, personal care, pharmaceutical, dentifrice, sustainability and Innovative component or process. Historically extruded plastic tubes made up the lion’s share of submissions. Interestingly, we received submissions for member tube types including aluminum, extruded plastic, injection molded plastic and laminate tubes.  For the 2021 competition, , the Sustainable Tube Category  garnered the most entries and outpaced submissions for the historically more common categories.  Certainly, it is a sign on the times reflecting brand owner efforts to find sustainable packages for their products.

We are always looking to the future and the next significant product or process innovation and new designs or technologies as such advances are key to the continued success for tube packaging!

And the Winners are:

Award for 2021 “Best in Show”,

  • Ted Klein Tube of the Year Award. “Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.” Manufactured by Albea Americas, Inc.

Gold Awards

Silver Awards

  • Personal Care                                       Cetaphil Refreshing Eye Serum                                        Albea Americas, Inc.
  • Pharmaceutical                                    Mountain Ice Sports Recovery Muscle Pain Relief Gel Viva IML Tubes
  • Dentifrice                                              Goby Peppermint Toothpaste                                           Albea Americas, Inc.
  • Sustainable Tube                                 Raw Elements Cert. Natural Sunscreen Face & Body   Berry Global(Tie)
  • Sustainable Tube                                 Schwarzkopf IGORA Royal Permanent Color Cream     Alltub -Mexico. (Tie)
  • Innovative Component/Process       Just Colors Eco Low Profile Cap                                        Giflor Closure Technologies.

Bronze Awards 

  • Personal Care                                       Hempz Sandalwood & Apple Body Scrub                       CCL Industries.
  • Pharmaceutical                                    Formula 7 The Solution                                                      Viva IML Tubes
  • Dentifrice                                              HEB Strawberry Fluoride Free Toothpaste                      Albea Americas, Inc. (Tie)
  • Dentifrice                                              Orajel Kids A/C Toothpaste Naturally Fruity Bubble     Albea Americas, Inc. (Tie)
  • Sustainable Tube                                 Thrive Natural Care Inc                                                       CCL Industries
  • Innovative Component/Process       blueloop tube PIR Ecofriendly Cosmetic Tube               Huhtamaki Packaging.

Many thanks to this year’s Panel of Judges and to our members, Michael Hoard & Doug Jackson, for an exemplary job coordinating the substantial number of entries received.

Tube of the Year 2021 Judges,

 Hao Lin, Professor and Rutgers StudentsRutgers, The State University of New Jersey, UG Director    Packaging Engineer Program.
 Chelsey QuickIndustry Intelligence Inc. 
 Lisa McTigue PiercePackaging Digest / Informa Markets 
 Jay Gorga and Jamie MatusowBeauty Packaging/Rodman Publishing 

For more than seventy (70) years The Tube Council has served as an open forum for member squeeze tube manufacturing companies, our supply base, customers, end users, and educators to discuss and act on industry related topics & initiatives.

Current global Initiatives include package sustainability, promoting green friendly practices reducing waste and minimizing our carbon footprint. We stress the importance of good stewardship of our environment, focusing on the importance of packaging sustainability and design & manufacture of products for recyclability. We are working to identify environmentally friendly materials, processes and establish tube standards,

We thank our members for making our annual Tube of the Year Competition a BIG SUCCESS! Our success is made possible through your participation in events, group initiatives, submissions supporting Tube of the Year, and finally your continued financial support. It is now time to begin submitting your most interesting tubes for our Tube of the Year 2022 competition. Entry forms are located on our website; For more information, please contact me.

Best Regards,

Steve Canfield

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