Membership Benefits

The Tube Council of North America is dedicated to continuing a long tradition of leadership in the tube packaging industry and promoting the use of tubes with consumer goods product companies and consumers. The TCNA is also committed to providing members with the necessary tools to remain competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.

Membership in the TCNA is composed primarily of organizations engaged in producing products or services directly related to the North American collapsible squeeze tube industry.

Membership in TCNA includes the following benefits:

  • Network with the industry’s tube manufacturers and leading suppliers
  • Access to the management teams from the leading tube manufacturers
  • Appear on the TCNA website’s members list and obtain leads from companies interested in your products
  • Stay up to date on trends and matters affecting the tube industry
  • Attend member meetings and presentations from consumer good product companies on packaging trends
  • Take part in the semi Annual TCNA membership meetings
  • Recognize your customers and companies by taking part in the annual Tube-of-the-Year packaging awards

Membership Categories

Regular Membership: Companies engaged in the production and sale of collapsible squeeze tubes in the United States, Canada and Mexico for consumer goods packaging.

Associate Membership: Associate Membership is available to any company engaged in selling products or services to the squeeze tube industry.

Trade Journal Editor: Trade Journal Editor Membership is open any person representing a firm or corporation engaged in distribution of journals, magazines, newsletters, or reports serving the packaging or related industries.

Packaging Schools: Professors and students of registered Packaging Engineering or Packaging Design undergraduate or graduate programs may be eligible for Packaging School Membership.

For more information and to apply for membership in the TCNA, contact the Steve Canfield, TCNA secretary, at