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Neopac US

Neopac US, Inc. is the youngest member of The Tube Council, having opened its newly designed plant and tube lines in 2019 in Wilson, NC. In the US, we are the partner for specialty small packaging for pharmaceuticals, animal health, medicinal cannabis and oral care. Together with our facilities in Europe and Asia we serve private label, contract manufacturers as well as local and international brands with our solid knowledge of technology, design and material science – to offer the best packaging experience to consumers. We are a SMB and family-owned company with a footprint of 1255 employees in 6 sites around the world and with capacity of 1.1 billion tubes and 900 million tin’s.

Product Areas

  • Laminated Tubes / Polyfoil® Tubes
  • SpringTubes
  • Monolayer and Multilayer Polyethylene Tubes
  • Eco-design Tubes which are recyclable, certified by APR
  • Market Categories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal Health
  • Medicinal Cannabis
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Personal Care Market
  • Oral Care
  • Food, Household & Industrial

Products & Services

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Neopac US, Inc.

4940 Lamm Road, Wilson, NC 27893

Primary Contact: Douglas Voreis, MD, Wilson Plant