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The Tube Council NA.

We invite all our members and industry contacts to attend Luxe Pack NY Luxury Beauty Products show Wednesday June 15 – Thursday June 16, 2022. Feel free to use the link below to facilitate free show entry badge

We invite attendees to join our audience for our Education Session.

Presentation topic: Tubes for luxury applications. “A Global perspective of future fit inspired changes in design, materials and technology”

When: Wednesday, June 15, 2022 @ 10:00AM (Eastern)

Where: Jacob Javit’s Convention Center Hall #3.

Event, fifty (50) minutes, includes our presentation, panel discussion and Q & A session with our audience.  Panelists, include,

  • Stephane Beauchemin, Tube Council President and Vice President @ Plastube.  
  • Stan Labeyrie, PackSys Global AG. Focus on design and material structures. 
  • Jennifer Rodriguez, Global Sustainability @ Colgate-Palmolive will focus on consumer product arena and dentifrice market.

Overview. The Luxury market is highly sensitive to consumer perceptions and so has been a trendsetter in adopting more sustainable practices and In recent years cosmetic laminate tubes (CLT) made primarily from Plastic Barrier Laminates (PBL) and PP based IML tubes have also come into use for luxury applications, due partly to the perceived higher print quality creating a package that is appealing to the luxury brands consumer.

Our presentation covers the evolution of squeeze tubes in the marketplace and direction going forward.