Tube Advantages

Metal Tube Advantages

The metal tube is air tight and impermeable and has “no suckback.” These properties give superior protection to contents, keeping them fresh and uncontaminated through long periods of intermittent use. Internal linings applied to the metal give it added compatibility for products that are highly alkaline or acidic. The metal tube is the only one of the three tube types that is seamless.

Plastic Tube Advantages

Plastic tubes are lightweight, leak-proof, durable, and nonbreakable. They are used for products like hand creams, shampoos, and various other cosmetics and toiletries, such as cleansing creams, facial masks, and tanning lotions. They are also used for food, pharmaceuticals, household, and industrial products. The plastic tube has a memory — it goes back to its original shape after squeezing. It maintains its attractiveness throughout the life of the contents and the tube remains smooth after squeezing.

Laminate Tube Advantages

Laminated squeeze tubes offer a form of tube material with the advantages of plastic but with barrier properties close to those of metal. Laminated tubes have a good “feel” and maintain their attractiveness throughout the life of their contents. The first laminated tubes were used primarily to package high-volume products like toothpaste, but now are used for many other products ranging from denture adhesives and artists’ paints to hair-care products and pharmaceuticals. A subset of laminate is Polyfoil.

Injection Molded Tube with in mold label advantages

Injection molded tubes with in mold label offer the advantages of laminate tubes decoration and barrier properties with the flexibility of plastic tubes in terms of run sizes. Photographic quality can be achieved on 100% of the surface. Short leadtime due to process and the fact that the tube manufacturer is also the cap manufacturer. Very good sustainable score as the in mold label the tube and the cap are 100% polypropylene.

Metal, plastic,laminate or injection molded, the tube is efficient and attractive.

The tube, the perfect container, has become an essential part of our daily life.