Rules and Guidelines

Rules & Submission Guidelines:
  • To qualify for the Tubes of the Year Awards, Tube manufacturers MUST be members of the Tube Council. If you manufacture tubes in North America, but are not yet a member, join today.
  • The product must be on the market any time after January 1st in the year of competition through the submission deadline.
  • Entries may not be submitted in more than one market category (see Entry Form for market categories).
  • Each entry submission must consist of one entry application form and SIX SAMPLE PRODUCTS (one product will be selected, but to avoid photographing damaged tubes, we request six). Please note that filled tubes photograph better than empty, but empty ones will be accepted. Package all entries, full or empty, carefully and securely. Keep a copy of forms sent to the Tube Council.
  • Conduct a good quality check before shipping your tubes. Judges are very critical as they review and inspect tubes. Be aware of quality problems with sealed ends, color variations, damaged caps, etc. Problems such as these can affect the final outcome. Safely package your tubes for shipping. Damage during transit due to poor packing or bursting during air transport can influence final results.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by a SEPARATE WRITTEN NARRATIVE, including technical/marketing description of tube. Narrative should be NO MORE than 250 words in length. Narrative MUST include:
    • Materials used
    • Use and application of graphics
    • Design and assembly of closures
    • Shape and sealing
    • Technical achievements in the product and manufacturing process
    • Product application and concept
    • Any factor important to the overall SUCCESS of the tube
    • DO NOT include supplier names (materials suppliers, manufacturers, etc.) in the written narrative, it will be used by the judges.
  • Enter as many tubes as you wish. The more tubes you enter, the better your chances will be.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to submit your tubes. The Tube Council staff will log your entries and store them until the day of the contest. Send entries now.
  • If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the contest, contact Michael Hoard, at 212-729-9980. Or e-mail 

How Important is the Entry Form?

 entry form is essential to the planning and execution of the entire competition. The committee uses entry forms to build the competition database that is used for tracking hundreds of tubes from various member companies. This information is also used to produce award plaques that are presented during the award ceremony.  It is important that information on the form is complete and contains NO abbreviations. Award plaques contain information provided on the form as submitted.

Including Additional Information With the Entry Form

If you are planning to submit a tube for the "Most Innovative" category, it is essential that, in your narrative, you explain HOW this tube is innovative. While we try to include people that can explain technical aspects to the other judges, it is possible that your innovation may be overlooked.

All tube submissions should include information about suppliers (BUT NOT IN THE WRITTEN NARRATIVE) who contributed to the manufacture of the tube. Caps, closures, filling, sealing, etc., should be recognized if your supplier contributed, and if they are members of the Tube Council. Giving supplier information on the forms is at the discretion of the submitting member and is NOT a requirement of the contest. Associate Members may not submit tubes for the contest produced by exclusive processes.

Click here to download entry form. Print form to fill out.

Send all entries to:
Tubes of the Year Awards
The Tube Council
Attn Michael Hoard
191 route 31 North
Washington, N.J. 07882

Please include written copy that explains any technical innovations, which may not be apparent to the judges. If the closure is an important marketing point please include the name of the closure manufacturer.