Injection Molded Tubes With In Mold Label

Because each component of the tube is printed and manufactured under the same roof, these tubes not only have a quick lead time, but also use up to 35% less energy to produce. Each tube has printing covering 100% of the tube offering more room for decor and brand labels as well as effects such as metallics or holographs. IML tubes are 100% recyclable and are the packaging option of choice for a variety of industries.

Benefits of Injection Molded Tubes with IML

1. Decoration

  • The IML printing enables outstanding decoration possibilities as the IML is printed flat and can create amazing photographic quality and all kinds of effects such as shiny metallics or holographics
  • IML Tubes are 100% printed from shoulder to crimping area with a no seam look maximizing the real estate for printing surface

2. Lead Times

  • Because of the vertical integration ( all components printed and manufactured under the same roof), lead times are very short

3. Sustainability

  • IML Tubes are 100% recyclable without separating the various components as all components of the IML Tubes are 100% PP
  • Because all components are manufactured and printed under the same roof and because the tube molding process consists of only one step for both shoulder and wall , the technology uses up to 35 % less energy to produce an IML Tube.
  • IML Tubes and caps can now be molded in Post Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR) making them even more sustainable